Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The Renderers are Here Today!

We have some renderers here today to do the side of our house.  We have pebble dash on the front which we had to keep as it is a heritage street.  Then on the side we had this horrendous patterned render which we always hated. Then the new part of the house which we had built in 2011 is all smooth and lovely.
 This is how the side of the house looks.  This part of the house is all new.  We want the other window sills done like this as we love them.
 This is the original part of the house which is over 100 years old.  I guess it was once peddle dash.  I have no idea when or how there did the terrible render.  The windows need a good overhaul.  They are beautiful original sash windows but have broken ropes.
 A close up of the terrible render.  Good shot of gas pipe.
More render - how did they get this pattern? and it is so even!
More later with after shots!!!

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