Thursday, 14 February 2013

A Really Good Thing I Found on the Street Part 1

I used to like garage sales.  That was until I found something else even better.  And that is, finding stuff on the street.  Otherwise known as council clear up.  Because it is FREE!  And immediate.  And very often it is extremely good because it is put out by people who just can't be bothered with freecycle, ebay, gumtree or garage sales.  Isn't it great that everyone is different?
So I have found some great stuff but this is one of my favourites.
I found this chest of drawers up the road.
 It wasn't even together so first I had to check all the drawers were there amongst the rubbish put out and that none were broken.  They were all there so I think I went and got the car and put all the drawers in the car and brought them home.  Then I had to wait until P Daddy came home and send him out to collect the main part.  He kindly did this for me even though he hates having 'his' garage filled up with my 'projects'.

 I got it back and put it together.  I started scraping it and that was HARD.  I have a little scraper sort of triangular thing on the end at right angles (doesn't a picture paint a thousand words?) well anyway it is the most used tool, it is so useful.
 It was slow going.
 I found a layer of white paint with felt tip on it.  I couldn't believe how mistreated this lovely wooden furniture had been.  But I could see underneath it was thick wood and well made.  I had the vision.

 Then P Daddy said it would be better if we got a belt sander.  So off we went to get him more tools.  This keeps him really happy as this is one of his favourite things to buy.  This made such quick work of the paint removal and I then just had to do the fiddly bits by hand.
 It looked better really quickly!
I decided to leave the paint around the edges which I LOVE.  Then I bought plastic handles from bunnings.  I thought about pushing the boat out and getting porcelain as the chest of drawers were free but the plastic look the same and were about $3 each.  I love them!
I also used a wax finish on it.  It just brings out the grain and colour.  I do like the pale wood by the way.  I don't like too much dark or stained wood.  So that is it done!  And it is so sturdy too - a really good quality piece of furniture.  I let P Daddy use it too.  Because I am just really generous like that.
Excuse the flooring!  We had that part of the house pulled down, but that is another story.


  1. Oh what a treasure! Definitely a belt sander is the way to go!

  2. that poor dresser sure has lived a hard life! wow you really have resurrected it. thanks for linking to Paint Parade
    Fiona x