Thursday, 6 February 2014

Simple Girls Skirt

Hello, I have been away a while. A Christmas break morphed into the whole of January and now my oldest child has been back at school over a week and I am finally blogging. You can get out of the habit. Anyway, I made a little dirndl or gypsy skirt.  I did loads of other stuff obviously.
It is 3 tiers and next time I may go 4 or 5 tiers.
The strips for a skirt for age 4 to 5yrs are:

1) 97x18cm
2) 117x15cm
3) 137x16cm.

Join strips if you need to to get the lengths.
A 1cm seam allowance is used.
Sew the strips into wide tubes by sewing along the short sides.
In the top strip make a channel for the elastic by turning over 1cm and then another 2cm and sewing along the edge.
Gather the second tube along the top edge by hand sewing around it and pulling the thread to the desired size.  Pin to top piece and make sure gathers are even and then baste and machine stitch into place.
Repeat that step with the bottom tier and then hem the bottom tier.  I hem by hand but do it however you want.
Use 2cm elastic and thread it through and make the waist band the required size.
I used rick rack around the seams but any ribbon you had would work.   You can use two or three different fabrics.  I wanted to use 3 but did not have 3 that looked good together.
Stand back and admire your work

My little girl loved it and has worn it everyday since I made it, except the day I washed it.  That is 5 days.  Also, she wore it in bed the first night!

Yes those are skechers runners.  She loves them too as they are sparkly.

I also made a few hexagons
Old habits die hard.

And I got some fabrics.
I absolutely love these and want to make something modern!

Happy New Year! In two days time it is a year since I started blogging.  Happy Birthday to Sew Paint it!