Wednesday, 13 February 2013

What is this blog about?

Hmm, what to write for this monumental first blog post?  How about that I got made redundant on Monday so decided to try doing a blog instead.  And if anything stays still long enough in my house, it gets painted.  And I also love sewing and patchwork and quilting.  I love to make stuff and also to find furniture on the street and make it useful and beautiful again.
I love to sew and these are tiny hexagons
This is log cabins that I am going to make into a bag.  I used a jelly roll from a shop in Tiptree in Essex! The shop is called The Cheap Shop for some strange reason.
I bought this on ebay for $5.  It was really really heavy and we had to carry it up quite a lot of stairs and then put it on top of the car.
My husband took the top off and chopped off the top bit and put the lid back on.  We left it like that for a few months.
Then I decided how I wanted it painted and did it like this!