Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Coffee (table) Tea or Me

Here is my finished coffee table!
Well, it is almost finished...
We needed a coffee table.  We didn't have one for years and years and this was because our house was a tiny one bedroomed house and all our stuff was piled up everywhere and we had no room for a coffee table.  Once we had renovated our house and it was large I thought I wanted one but obviously I didn't buy one.  I was just looking out for one to make its appearance.
And this was it.
I knew I wanted one this style with turned legs - thick turned legs.  I have a kitchen table in the same style and so I was on the look out for a coffee table to match.  The kitchen table was from ebay and was all wooden and I painted the legs white.  I love it.   It is big which is so nice.  It is also really sturdy because it was made with the legs attached.
So when I saw this by the side of the road I recognised the potential. 
I tried to get it in the car.  It is heavy!  Sadly I couldn't get it in because I had my two children in the car in their carseats.  So after trying for 5 minutes or so I had to admit defeat and go away. I went back that evening to collect it.  It wasn't that local, so I knew I was a hardcore street collector.  I just cannot help myself.
The top was quite marked and the legs were a weird colour but I knew I could fix that.  I gave it a good sand and primed the legs and painted with waterbased colour I mixed from my favourite paint colour, dulux green buoy with white semi gloss.  I wanted something different to the kitchen table which has white legs.
 I managed to sand all the marks out of the top except for one.  I think someone left a plant on this table for a very long time.  I even asked my husband to sand it and he sanded away but we could not get the stain out.  So as you can see on the top we do have a stain.  I have got an idea for how to cover that up and I am going to do it soon.  At the moment we are using the table and the stain is there but it isn't really noticeable.  I am going to paint a big circle over the mark in the same colour as the legs.  then no one will know.  I just haven't done it yet.
So there it is.  I think it is pretty special.  And it was free and was minimal effort to fix up.


  1. Great job. I like the stain, its part of her unknown history.

  2. Thanks Dana! That is a great way to look at it.

  3. Very pretty. I tried to paint a shelf once and it turned out terrible. 1st I'm sure I didn't sand it enough. 2nd I used spray paint and didn't get it even. I was very disappointed as I really wanted a bright yellow shelf. I think I am too impatient and just don't take the time it takes to do it right. Any pointers? The table is beautiful.

  4. I love this and you do such good work on transforming old stuff in to cool modern things. I am not handy with paint and such. I kinda like the stain as is and would leave it. :)

  5. Wow you did a wonderful job and I love the color! Thanks for sharing.
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