Thursday, 14 February 2013

Nicey Jane Cushion

I made this cushion for my niece recently.  It uses nicey jane fabric by Heather Bailey who is an amazing designer.  The squares were 2.5".
I was really pleased with it.  So pleased I made one for myself later.  Only I made mine with 2" squares which didn't look as nice as this I thought.  I made it all on the machine - my brother something something which I got for my 18th birthday.  It is still going strong.  The simple white borders keep it simple.  The back is just an envelope as I didn't have any zips.   I must get a good supply of zips. 
So I sent it off to the UK for my niece with my mum on her last visit here.
I just did simple quilting as you can see.  I am not that happy with the stippling I have done and I think I like these lines better.  Love that fabric!

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