Thursday, 21 February 2013

A Boys Quilt

I started making this quilt a little while ago.  The fabric is Children at Play by Sarah Jane and I made this quilt top from about 12 fat quarters.  A fat quarter is when you take a yard of fabric and cut it into four pieces.  So each fat quarter is 18x22 inches.  It is in inches because it was first sold in America.  Everything to do with quilting is pretty much measured in inches.
Anyway, this quilt is for my little boy and I hope to have it ready for winter (this year).
The squares are 6" and I did raw edge applique for the stars.  To do this I take a 6" square and cut a star out.  I cut it out neatly so I had a star and also a square with a star shaped hole in it.  I made the star template from printing one off from the internet that I found.  Then I cut a star out from fusible web and ironed the star onto a 6" white square with the fusible in between.  The fusible web sticks the two fabric pieces together.   Then I sewed around the star using my sewing machine.  I went around a couple of times, just because it looks nice.  I also made some using the fabric with a star shaped hole and sewed this onto a white square in the same way with fusible web left from cutting the fusible web stars.  I made 8 stars in total.
I used this book to teach me to do raw edge applique.
Free and Easy Stitch Style by Poppy Treffry - great book.
It explains how to do it and also has nice pictures and ideas for making stuff!
So once I had my 8 appliqued stars, I cut out a lot of 6" squares from the fat quarters.  There are 117 in total.  I laid them all out and had a look to see if they were random and if I liked the position of the stars.  Once I was happy I photographed it.
Then I left them piled up for a while before I finally sewed them all together.  You have to like ironing, or at least tolerate it, because you have to do a lot of ironing whilst doing this.  I don't like ironing.
Then I folded it up until I got it out again today and sometime I will get a big piece of batting and backing fabric and sew it all together into a sandwich and then bind it around the edge.  And hey presto! It will then be a finished quilt.  But until then, it looks like the above.

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