Thursday, 28 February 2013

Finished Render!

The renderers finished in only 1 day!
They arrived early and 4 of them went at it and finished mid afternoon.  Sadly, although it was the same guy who made such a great job of the back of the house, he couldn't do the window sills like we wanted.  Probably because this is such a thin layer of render and it is on a painted wall so it is hard to adhere to it.  If it were thick layers it might all fall off I guess.
This is a picture during.
 And after! It is so smooth you can hardly see anything, right?
It is a gable end so quite high which is why we are not bothering to try to do it ourselves and we won't be painting it.  I just worry one of us will fall off a ladder - the most common diy accident there is!
We are pretty pleased with the quality.  Cannot wait to get it painted now as we will really enjoy it being done.  Maybe people who don't like home improvements won't get this but I take a lot of joy in small things.  My husband built a picket fence lately - we stood back and admired it and congratulated him and gave him a pat on the back and said wow.  And then he did the gate and we did that all over again and said 'what a great job, well done'.  We all need a little bit of praise and also if you can't feel good about the little things and the renovations you are doing, then there isn't much point, right?  Even though we didn't do the render ourselves we enjoy it - because we sorted it out.
So that is the philosophizing for today. 

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