About me

I am a newly redundant stay at home mum, with a lovely husband and two wonderful, young children.  I love to sew and make things.  I love to tackle fairly big projects like upholstery and restoring furniture, as well as the house renovation my husband and I did turning our 1 bedroomed house into a 4 bedder.  We had builders for this, but there are still lots of jobs left for us.... over a year later.
I have always loved sewing and especially patchwork and more recently quilting.  I also like applique, crochet, painting and many other creative arts - I will give anything a go!
My husband is really handy and hates shopping or having to choose things so this is great for me as I make all the decisions on the house, and he is happy with that.  He is also very good about going and collecting all the old furniture and things I get on freecycle, ebay and gumtree for my 'projects'.  He is less keen on them taking up room in the garage.