Friday, 5 December 2014

Making cushion covers for Little People

Some lovely friends left Sydney and loved back to the UK earlier this year.  They had two little girls so I decided to make them something to remember us by.  I felt that if I made cushion covers not only were they small enough to fit in the suitcase, but they would be used a loved for many years.  I hope I am right!

I used up some of the last of my Children at Play by Sarah Jane for the first one.
I quilted it with simple lines 0.25" from the seams.
The other side was taronga zoo fabric with an envelope opening.
I appliqued an E onto one square.  The squares were about 3.5" raw.
The other cushion for the sister used pam kitty love fabric.  I decided to make the squares smaller.  They were 3" raw.
I just love the pam kitty fabrics.  They are so my thing!
So here are the new cushion covers.  I wish I had taken pictures with them filled with cushions!
But now they are in England and maybe I will get pictures one day!