Saturday, 31 August 2013

Wine Rack from Tubes

I got a new set of shelves recently for my under stairs cupboard.  It has revolutionized the space!  Before everything was on the floor and I couldn't get to anything easily.  This included the vacuum cleaner, so every cloud has a silver lining.
The shelves are 4 squares which are all 300mm high, 360mm wide and 290mm deep.  A wine bottle is too tall to stand up in that and most folders/files are also too tall so I decided I wanted to get wine racks to fit into the spaces.  After minimal research I discovered that even a 3 by 3 wine rack would not fit in there and these were about $20 each anyway in Australia.  It didn't seem like I could cut these down and to only fit 6 wine bottles in was not a good use of the space.  Then like a bolt of lightening it came to me!  Plastic Tubes!
I bought a couple of 1 metre lengths of this drain pipe or soil pipe or whatever it is from bunnings. The 3m lengths were much more economical but they had run out of these of course. My husband cut them up into 200mm lengths using a saw.  I then sanded the cut ends using a 60 grit sand paper or whatever you have to hand.  Ta da!  One has a chunk out of it from the sawing.  This can simply go at the back.  It will never be seen!
Then you need wine.
Gather together as many bottles as you can.  Enough for all the space or tubes you have cut at least.  Open one and pour yourself a glass.  If you have been doing any cutting or sanding then you will probably need one.  If you have children you will probably need one.  Be careful not to drive or operate heavy machinery after drinking.  Also, it is probably best if you have already finished the sawing and put all of the tools and stuff away.
Then after a glass or whatever, you can put the tubes and remaining wine bottles into position.
Four fitted perfectly in the horizontal space on my shelf.
I had 10 tubes and I have room for 11 tubes in the space.  I can still put a wine bottle in that place though.  If I had room I could just put another layer of wine bottles on top but they don't fit.  So at some point we are going to go to Bunnings and buy a 3m length of this pipe and cut more tubes.  I want more wine in the other bottom shelf.   This is easy, cheap and will fit into small spaces which might otherwise be a bit useless.
I think I might need to buy some  more wine now.


  1. Great idea. Not one I will use though, as bottles never stay around here for long!

  2. Very clever- there are oh so many shelf units on tbe market that dont fit most of the stuff we need to put into them. I suppose if these where on show, you could spray paint the tubes to blend in- well done

  3. Well done on being so creative with the space. I love it when we can use random objects for a completely different purpose and it works well :)