Friday, 16 August 2013

Jolly Jungle Hexagon Pillow

I made a hexagon pillow using jolly jungle fabric.
 I made it for my son who used to absolutely love all wild animals and especially elephants.  He loves this pillow and uses it all the time when he is making dens.  I got a fat quarter pack of these fabrics and the hexagons are 40mm on each side which is just over 1.5".  I have a lot of these fabrics left including a couple of panels.  I don't love the fabric and I guess that is why I haven't used the rest of it yet.
 The back is most of a panel which came with the fat quarter bundle.  It is quite thin and not really right for this type of pillow back.  I never have great success with this type of closure.  I really should use zips.
 The hexagon patchwork is made using a method called English paper piecing (EPP) where you use paper templates for each hexagon.  I tack the fabric onto the hexagon, but some people use adhesive.
Then they are all hand sewn together.  I love to do this and I just enjoy the process.
I then machine quilted it and this was one of my first attempts at stippling.  It is not stippling, it is more like some sort of dog bone (!).  I still need to master this.  I need to have another go on a small project like a cushion cover or mini quilt.  To do this you need a darning foot.  With a darning foot you can sew in any direction and draw things, write your name - be creative!
Here is my darning foot. I bought it on ebay.
I love hand piecing.  I feel you have so much more control over joining up corners accurately.  However, it takes a long time and I enjoy machine piecing too because you can make such big things quickly.  I just really want to improve my machine piecing skills.
On this jungle pillow I didn't bind the edge.  I did my usual trick of  doing essentially a french seam.  I sewed the front to the back with the right sides together.  Then I turned it right side out and sewed around the edge about 0.25" in from the edge and you have what looks a little like piping.
Make some hexagons this weekend!  I think I will.


  1. I see the bones! But seriously, it looks great. I am still trying to get better at machine quilting!!!

  2. When I make my hexies I am so so Happy. It is so relaxing and they look so pretty stacked in a pile.

  3. my boy would also love this pillow its great.I am going to check out this foot for my machine thanks for the heads up-love dee x

  4. Love your pillow!!! So fun!

    val from

  5. Your boy is lucky to have such a fun pillow. I love the fabrics for this project! I hate sewing by hand, but I love your hexies! Beautiful doen!

  6. It is gorgeous and I know what you mean about the back of these type of pillowcovers, I am from Australia and we don't use them there so I was shocked not to be able to buy 'proper' (LOL) pillowcases here in the US, these two tutorials show the method I like to use, I made a quilted on for my son last year and it is great.