Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Wardrobes at last

We only moved into our newly renovated house 15 months ago, but we have finally got built in wardrobes!  Finally my clothes are not on a couple of rails gathering dust and they are now in our room and not one of our childrens rooms so we can get dressed in our own bedroom!  Oh the luxury!
You can just see our bedroom door.  It is a federation door that has yet to be stripped down and repainted by my husband.  He had 7 to do and ran out of steam after 4.....
It also has some pictures sticky taped to it by an enthusiastic young artist.
Here is the space before it went in.  I had my sewing area in that corner.  It was the biggest mess!  I had a very large ikea desk but it won't fit anywhere else so I am selling it and am going to buy a smaller desk.  I have my eye on a great one already!
Check out the wooden floors my husband laid!
The new wardrobes were put in by Sydney wardrobe company after they were recommended by a friend.  I love them already!
lots of lovely space for hanging all our clothes!
So pleased with the handles I chose too - brushed chrome.
So I am hoping the house can get more organised and tidy now we have some more storage.  Well, that's the theory.

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