Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Crochet Messenger Bag

I learnt to crochet quite recently.
I was quite ambitious and managed to make this bag as one of my first projects, after a few hats.
It went ok and I was please with it except that at the end of a row, I was very bad at adding another one and my end of row 'seem' shifted over a stitch each time which looks a bit rubbish.   It is made using Hilos La Espiga100% nylon size 18.  There are lots of colours and weights to choose from.  The supplier is in the USA so postage costs to Australia are not cheap and cost about as much as the yarn.
I used this brilliant book by Debbie Stoller which is a really good read. It is definitely for beginners.  I found that learning the basics was easier using youtube.  There are hundreds of videos on there to teach crochet and you can't beat that when learning.
One thing that disappointed me was the colour of the hot pink nylon was much more orange than shown in the book.  You can see this difference above.
Then I decided I wanted to do my own design in stripes and I wanted it to have a retro, 70s feel.  So I got more yarn sent over and set to work on this stripy bag.  I love it much more than the pink one, maybe because I adapted the other pattern to make my own version.
I still hadn't mastered the end of the row when making this and it is even worse than the other one.  You can see it quite clearly in the bottom right, being rubbish.  However, when you made and use an item, it is all the handmade charm of it, right?
These are what the reels look like and I have plenty left to make more bags.


  1. Great job! I wouldn't have known you were a beginner if you hadn't told me. You're doing fabulous, and your bags are super cute!

    Thanks for linking up to With These 2 Hands!

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  2. Thanks Connie, I will try to do the button