Friday, 15 March 2013

Lots of Work In Progress

Today is dull and rainy.  I must concentrate on moving furniture around and finishing some furniture off and getting it out of the garage.  I have a new desk coming today!  It will get collected by P Daddy from the ebay seller - yay!  So that will take up more garage space until it is finished, and then it is going to be my sewing table.  Really need  a new space set up so I can finish things like these:
Not sure I will last the distance and do enough granny squares to make a quilt.  They could end up as pot holders.  Our current pot holders are a disgrace.  I won't even show them to you.
Other news is that the painters came back and finished the side of the house.
Very happy with it and we are glad we bothered.
Also, my lovely friend Suzy gave me this the other day.
I want to upholster it.  I don't like the shape of the back. I wonder if I can change the shape and also do it tufted?  Or maybe just do it tufted. The legs are not fancy so I will be having another skirt on it.  And someone threw it out to get rained on!
Have a happy Friday!


  1. Glad you got your desk. Love the squares, such cute material. Would make a pretty quilt.

  2. I'm probably not the person to ask, because I can't stop making granny squares, but I love yours and I think they'd make a fabulous quilt! :)

  3. Your granny squares look great. I have never redone a piece of furniture so good luck!