Friday, 22 March 2013

Vintage Quilt Top

Can you call something vintage if you made it yourself? I made this quilt top and made it into a duvet cover and used it for a few years. You can tell how long ago it was because it has a frill around it! 
 I was pretty proud of it! It has been folded up and kept in boxes for a lot of years now. But do I now make it into a proper quilt?
It is a lot less bright than quilts made with new quilting fabric and the colours don't go together as well, but this is the charm of it, right?

It is all hand made and all made from completely free materials I collected. I always liked doing patchwork as this proves.  Although I did stop doing it for a lot of years.

Back in the day I wouldn't have considered paying for fabric. I used what people gave me from left over clothes making. This meant I ended up with lots of different types of fabric - some completely unsuitable but they all went in anyway! I have other examples I will show sometime of stuff made with completely wrong and not to mention horrible fabrics. This was all before the days of the precut. Or possibly even the fat quarter... when did that first start being sold?
 The colours are all quite muted as you expect as they were used in clothes!  They are also quite old now, so have probably faded.  Except the pink. That hasn't faded.
So I think I'll ditch the frill first and then make it into a quilt.  Then my children can use it, as I used to.
Do you have old stuff you have made sitting in a box somehwere?

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