Friday, 26 July 2013

Trying to Finish Things

I really thought I would get my hexagon log cabins quilt finished at long last this week but it wasn't to be.
I've got the binding machine sewed on but am in the process of hand sewing it onto the back.  This always takes longer than you think in my experience.
I was halfway through machine sewing the binding on when my sewing machine needle bent.  I didn't have another because this is the second sewing machine needle I have bent in the 23 years I have owned my machine.  Does anyone think that is good going or just plain weird?  or normal??  I have read that you should change the needle after every project and I cannot for the life of me work out why.  That needle didn't appear to be incredibly blunt or adversely affect what I was sewing or my experience of using the machine.
I have borrowed two needles from my good friend Suzy from rugrat rodeos,  the star.  This allowed me to at least get the binding on yesterday.
So as I will have to show you that another week I thought I would show you the pirate blanket I made for my little boy.  He loves it and it is currently being used as the floor for our latest 'den', which is some large sheets of cardboard taped together.  He uses it a lot for different things which is very cute.
I hand sewed the blocks and machine sewed them together using the black sashing.  Then machine quilted in the ditch but only on each side of the sashing so it doesn't have much quilting.  The binding is scrappy and a mix of all the fabrics used in the quilt.  I bought far too much of these fabrics so the backing is thick stripes of about 5 of the fabrics used.
When I made this quilt with eight 16 patch blocks I did not know how fast you could machine sew this block!  This quilt is a much loved one so I am so happy with it.


  1. I love the pirates! I have a little boy who loves treasure maps, he would love this too! Your other quilt looks lovely too.

  2. Have snapped a needle before but not bent one, think you have done very well to have been using your needles for so long without a problem. Maybe needles were sturdier 23 years ago :)

  3. It will most likely be well loved for years ... those are the best quilts in my experience.

  4. Having seen these quilts up close & personal- yep they are gorgeous. Keep the needles lovely, glad to contribute :0)
    Besides at this rate they'll probably come back twisted like pretzels :0)
    Good luck finishing up xo

  5. Oh wow! Both quilts look beautiful! I can't wait to see more of the hexagon log cabins :)

  6. I dont think I've seen that particular pattern before (log cabin hexies). I love it! I used to have to change needles all the time when I was sewing dance costumes for my kids dance classes. Of course that was because of all the sequined fabrics. They can gum up a needle quickly (though a little vaseline is a lifesaver). I don't think I've ever bent one (maybe broken one from hitting a pin).

  7. Can't wait to see your log cabin hexagons done! It looks gorgeous already. :)

  8. LOVE IT! Quilting used to be a family thing for me. After my grandma died though, we stopped doing it. It is definitely something I want to share with my daughter so your tips and tricks are appreciated. Heck, I haven't sewn in about 15 years and made a purse the other day so maybe a quilt is next....well, maybe a blanket first! Thank you for sharing at the Friday Follow Along! I hope you can link up again!