Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Tablet Case WIP

My dad has requested a tablet case because he just got a new samsung tablet.  He specified he didn't want girlie colours.  Well, I have tried my hardest there.  My stash is mostly pink and girlie!
He has the same tablet as I do so I am using my case as a rough template for size.
The fabric squares are from avalon from moda and they came from a charm pack.
I sewed them into 5 strips and then ironed them so the seams alternated from one side to the other for each strip.  This meant the seams nested together.  It was very quick to get these sewn up.
Then I found the fabric above for the lining.  I have quite a lot of it.  It is vintage and I don't know much about it except I don't think it is 100% cotton.  Then I cut out some batting, made a quilt sandwich and machine quilted it 0.25" away from all the seams.  This is so much easier than sewing in the ditch!  I am in the process of quilting a quilt in the ditch and it is so unforgiving!
The lining and batting need to be larger than the pieced top.
This picture shows clearly why the lining and batting are larger than the pieced top!  The lining has skewed and it they were exactly the same size you would have to unpick or try to add more to the lining.  As it is this doesn't matter and I can just trim off the extra lining.
So now I just need to make the other side in the same way, bind the top edges, sew together and bind around the edge.
I'll show you when it is finished.
I hope you are having a great week! 


  1. Looking good! Your Dad is going to be a happy man :) I know what you mean with quilting in the ditch - I just tried it myself and and nearly went cross-eyed concentrating on the ditch line - lol

  2. So sweet- your Dad is a lucky guy to get such a special cover!

  3. Love the fabric choices... he'll love it i'm sure! :)

  4. I have a Samsung tablet! Just a little FYI in case your Dad does not like this case, I love it! :) I am sure that he will too!