Friday, 12 July 2013

Na na na na Batman!

Holy haberdashery, Batman! I finished it!
 Batman is completed and I would like to point out he is my first proper attempt at amigurumi crochet.  I think he is ok as he does look like batman but there is room for improvement.
The cape took several attempts as did the feet.  I made four feet as they just kept getting smaller.  I felt they needed to at least match.
My son said the bat motive on the front does not look like a bat.  I didn't have any black felt for that so made it with yarn.  I do want to try more of these as I think they are excellent for my crochet skills.
And look we have bulbs coming up!   Spring must be coming.
It has been the school holidays here so I have not done much blogging as I have been trying (and failing) to keep my children entertained.  They are very little so I have years to perfect this.  I haven't done too much crafting but I am very excited because I bought a bed on ebay and I will get it today!  I will be painting it immediately and will share it soon. 
And remember, Whatever is fair in love and war is also fair in crimefighting. - Batman

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  1. he is so cute.i knew it was batman,i don't have the patience o do this-love deex