Friday, 13 December 2013

Christmas Stockings

Well it has been very quiet around the sew paint it blog.  This is what comes of having two children with birthdays in December.  And I only have one birthday and one party done so far.  Lots more to do and that is before Christmas!  But it is also a lovely time of year, if a little hot here in Sydney.
The Christmas decorations came out the other day.  The tree was standing there naked for a few days when I lost all motivation.  It is now done and looks great and the kids love it of course.
With the decorations came the stockings I made.
I got the idea for these from a show with Kirstie Allsop who I love.  She made some like this but much more muted colours I think.  I do love her programmes on UK Channel 4 on craft and repurposing and lots of things close to my heart.
To make the stockings I took lining and batting of the stocking shape and made the front sort of by quilt as you go, placing on the pieces and the trim and sewing it together until I had a quilted stocking shape with lining on the other side.  Then I took another two more pieces of fabric, one lining and one the back and sewed them to the front right sides together.  I turned it the right way out and sewed around the edge to make it nice and flat.  Then I bound the top raw edge.  
After all that I appliqued on the letters by hand and then sewed on the bells and pom poms.
Oops, I cut one of the stocking backs on the wrong side and had to do a horrible seam.  I only had that piece of fabric and I really wanted to use it for this.
Lastly I sewed on the loops to hang them in the lovely candy stripe ribbon. I like that I used up a lot of little bits of ribbon and trim with these.
And now all that is left is for these to be hung up on Christmas eve so Santa can visit us! 
Seasons Greetings all xxxx


  1. looks like Mrs Claus is a quilter

  2. The detail is great, especially the bells and sparkle ric rac....okay, okay all of it really. Nice work.

  3. Lovely stockings! Merry Christmas. Maggie xx