Friday, 29 November 2013

Pinwheels Cushion

I realised I never showed you this cushion I finished.
 I started it a long time ago here.
It looked like this.
I hand quilted on the snow triangles with cream embroidery thread and on the pale pink triangles I quilted in pink thread.  Each pinwheel is 6" so I started each one with two coloured squares of 4" and two cream or pale pink squares of 4".
I made an envelope closure for the back and I find it never gives a very square cushion!  I am not too keen on them and I think a zip is far better, but you have to have one when you need it which I rarely do.  The back is just plain cream fabric, upholstery weight.
I love pinwheels!


  1. Pinwheels are the best aren't they! Oh how I love your flower stitching in the one pinwheel;)

    1. Hi Sara, thanks! The flower stitching wasn't me though, the fabric had that on already! xxxx

  2. Sweet! Love the hand quilting.