Monday, 16 December 2013

Another Great Street Find

I found these amazing chairs by the side of the road the other day. 
I just loved the shape of them and everything about them except the state of the upholstery.  When I saw them I had just driven by quite fast and seen one of them.  I thought about it for a few seconds - I was on my way somewhere and needed to hurry, and maybe I could go back that way and pick them up on the way back?  Would they still be there..... hmmm.  I turned the car around and salvaged them - better safe than sorry!
I am so glad I did!
I would call them french provincial chairs, or maybe shabby chic chairs?!  
Somebody had already made a rather halfhearted attempt to start to reupholster the back of one using the navy blue brocade, but that came off and went in the bin.
Then I really went to work taking all the old stuff off and getting back to basics. 

The foam was completely perished and awful.  Both chairs had 3 springs.  I am not sure if this is enough?  Both chairs only had 5 pieces of webbing which I think is woefully inadequate.  On the one above one piece of webbing had broken.  The webbing needs to cover the entire seat area but not overlap.  It wasn't even woven either.  So I have ordered new webbing and it has arrived.  But first I will sand and paint the wood.  I want the chairs white.  I like these ones:

And these ones;

Here are mine all stripped down, every staple has been removed and I will start sanding them... when I get a minute.  Making these amazing will be a labour of love.
Merry Christmas all and I hope you all find what you need, be it by the side of the road, or elsewhere!!
Marianne xxxxx

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  1. Amazing find, girl! And I think you were right to turn around & grab them. These will look beautiful once they've been thoroughly Marianned!