Thursday, 2 May 2013

Using Gumtree to get Free Furniture

I use gumtree quite a lot to buy and sell things. I love a bargain, like everyone, and I also like to get some money back for things I no longer need as well as making sure they are going to be used again and not just thrown away. A friend told me that she sometimes just has a look at what is on gumtree for free in her suburb. I thought what a great idea that was. So I had a look at the weekend and picked up this little beauty.
I saw the advert and rang up about it.  It was only a few doors down the road so we didn't even have to drive!  So it was completely free to collect and it was low carbon too.
We still need something to put shoes in by the door to the garden and so I thought we could use this basket and put it on the shelf under the table, and...
It fits perfectly!  So of course I will paint, makeover and improve the table.  It is very tired and I am not mad on a lot of dark brown.  It will be mostly white.
The top is quite stained and marked and the two sides do not match.  Also, one of the panels in the top slides out about 2cm.  It needs a bit of fixing and TLC.  But it is nothing we cannot handle.  Hopefully I will have an update of how this one progresses next week.


  1. Just found you via Funky Junk. Is it possible to subscribe to your blog via email? I didn't see a place to do that.

  2. A quick furniture reno question: I have a chair I found on the curb which should be an easy job to recover the seat. But 6 screws stand between me and what should be a breeze. They are deeply imbedded in the timber & wont budge. I've heard of drilling out screws but have no idea how this works?
    Can you with your furniture make-over genius, give me some tips please? :0)

  3. Thanks for your nice post on using gumtree to get free furniture. If you paint the table with white it will be really amazing.