Wednesday, 22 May 2013

I finished the Coffee Table

About 2 weeks ago I got a coffee table on freecycle.  I was so happy because it was just a few doors away and I didn't have to use the car, which meant not only was it recycling but zero carbon emissions!
I have now finished it.
I sanded the legs, primed and painted with white semi gloss water based paint.  Then I sanded the top.
Once I started sanding it I loved all the nicks and marks and 'usedness' of it so I didn't sand much to leave it with a distressed and shabby appearance.  I was planning on varnishing it with water based semi gloss varnish but instead I used a furniture wax because it just feels kinder to the wood.  It also leaves it silky smooth to the touch which varnish just cannot seem to replicate.  The problem with it is that if you get it wet it leaves marks, but you can't have everything.
Here is what it was like before.  Just not very attractive.

I am not sure if we will end up using the basket with it or not.
Grand total dollars spent on this is less than $5 I would estimate as it was just wax and paint I already had.  It was very quick to do too.

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