Friday, 25 October 2013

Sew Something for Halloween

I bought a cute charm pack by Riley Blake called 'Too Cute to Spook' a while ago and talked about it here.  It is SOOOO cute.
 I planned to use this to make a couple of treat bags for trick or treating, but then I completely forgot and bought two new treat bags last week!  This was probably a good idea as making bags was unlikely to happen in the time frame involved.  I decided to use the fabric before Halloween and decided to make a cushion!
The charm squares were 5" square so I cut them into 4 squares which were each 2.5" on each side. I arranged them into a roughly dark and light alternating scheme which I think works.  I sewed them together and then made a quilt sandwich with batting and a lining for the cushion.  I quilted it by machine 0.25" from each seam. I used black thread for most of the quilting, but some white as well
I love the multi coloured stars best, and the mummys.  But once I had cut the charm squares up I had no whole mummys, or witches or monsters or the cuter characters in this cushion.  The colours are not what I would usually use but I really love it and maybe one day I will do modern quilting!  I think this is modern quilting....  But it is a pretty simple version I guess.
I had some black pom poms for trim and they were pretty tricky to use but so worth it - I love them.
In other news, last week I spent a lot of time making a teepee.  I basically have it sewn together and I am happy with the shape. The six sides are all straight sided triangles and if the poles are set up right it isn't too saggy.  Now I am waiting for P daddy to do the woodwork bit and fix the poles together at the top so they stay tied at the same height each time, and find some way of securing the bottoms of the poles so the sides stay straight.  Am I asking for too much?  I just don't want a saggy teepee! Once all that is done I can finish the teepee but heming it top and bottom, and setting it up in the boy's bedroom. I want to use more denim to bind the top and bottom of the teepee. 
Here it is!  I have denim around the doorway which I love. It needs some finishing and tidying up but I am really pleased with it.   Most of it is made with a pair of old ikea tab top curtains which we used for a few years and I have kept for 6 or 7 years for... making a teepee!
It has 6 sides and the poles are 19mm hard wood.  We could not buy cheap wooden poles here!  I didn't want plastic.  I wanted 26mm (~1") but settled for 19mm (~3/4") which is fine as they are not bendy.  The poles are 2.4m long and will be cut down a little.   I will make a round or hexagonal floor (quilt) to be used inside it.  My son keeps asking if he can sleep in it which is so cute.  He is so nice about everything I make for him.  I hope it continues.  The cushion is really for him to use in the teepee as he likes to have cushions, pillows and quilts in there to make it cosy. 
and the back is white, and part of another ikea tab top curtain.
 The cushion closure is a zip. 
More on the teepee when it is finished.


  1. What fun projects. Love your fabric choices for your cushion.

  2. Your pillow is so festive! Totally fun fabric. Stopping by from WIP Wednesday.

  3. What a neat pillow and that teepee is so cute! Looks like you're having fun!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  4. Cute pillow! The pom poms are too perfect. The teepee looks great!

  5. Cool teepee and cute pillow.

  6. I love that Riley Blake fabric!

  7. I would've never thought to add the pom-poms BUT they make that pillow absolutely adorable! (Too Cute To Spook is my favorite Halloween fabric this year!!)

  8. The pom poms on the cushion are an awesome touch!


  9. Fabulous pillow!! Love the prints you used for it!


  10. Cute projects! Love the teepee and how sweet to make a cushion to make it comfy!