Saturday 1 August 2015

Knitting a Hat

I finished something I knitted.  This is the second time this has ever happened.  Someone is wearing it!  This is the first time this has ever happened!
I only started this hat on Monday, and I used the free pattern here.
 I bought some wool and circular needles on Monday.  The needles were 60cm long.  I cast on and started knitting and then the needles fell apart so I decided to use double pointed needles.  I love them.  I like that your item can be any size on them.  There is always the worry that stitches will fall off though.  Luckily I had the required 4mm needles already.
 I knitted like a demon all week, but I still did not expect to finish so fast.  I think I must have got faster as I went along.
The yarn is Zara Melange which is so soft and 100% merino.
I had never used circular needles or double pointed needles before but with a bit of help from you tube and I was away.
And here is the finished article!
On my beloved, who wore it in bed.  That makes me happy.