Saturday, 18 July 2015

Visit to Liberty Of London

On Saturday 4th July I was lucky enough to be in London on my own with some time to myself to do what I wanted.  This is pretty rare because although I am English and grew up quite near London, I now live in Sydney, Australia and hadn't been to London at all in over 10 years!
I got off the tube at Oxford Circus and was going to Hamleys Toy Shop when I decided to take a tiny detour off Regents Street to the iconic Liberty Department Store.
It is an absolutely stunning shop inside and out.   I went to haberdashery on the 3rd floor.  I stealthily took photos, risking life and limb for you dear reader.
I share with you the few I have which I hope give you a taste until you are next in the great capital.

Jars of liberty fabric covered buttons, £11.95 for not very many....

Beautiful kits!

Beautiful Fabric Display


A stags head of course!

So I had a lovely time feasting my eyes on all the goodies.  I even bought some fabric!  They did have some precuts but not very many.  They had some hexagons and some 2.5" squares.  I got 36 squares for £9.95 in a pack.  Mine are pink and they appeared to have that or all different colours in one pack.  The hexagons were £14.95 for 30.  I nearly bought that but managed to control myself.  I will let you know what I make with the squares soon!


  1. How much fun would it be to have the job of merchandiser In this store: playing with all that stuff & making it look pretty?!

  2. Thanks for sharing this look at Liberty of London. I was there in 2008 -- thoroughly enjoyed the fabrics, the architecture, everything; but did not buy a thing -- what was I thinking? It was my biggest regret from the whole wonderful trip to London and Paris. I really enjoyed this post. Sally

    1. Hi Sally, I can totally understand why you didn't buy anything! There is so much to look at it is easy to forget sometimes!