Monday, 30 September 2013

Furniture Cubed - Street Treasure!

I found this cube by the side of the road.  It is still sold in freedom in Australia and is $199.
It was being thrown away.  I really liked the shape of it. 
It was a little bit rough but not too bad and nicely made.  I just don't like this dark brown.  It is not my thing at all.  I thought about painting it white (yawn) but I didn't want to lose the wood grain. So I decided to try white washing, and thought if it all went wrong I could always paint it white!
So I took some white matt paint and let it down with water.  Then I painted it on with a brush and tried to keep it even and always painted in the direction of the grain.  It seemed to work ok.  I did the outside but decided the inside might be a bit hard to do and did it white instead.  I also gave it a top coat of clear water based varnish.  There is something about matt paint that I don't like and I really like it now it is glossy.  It is more practical too.
I absolutely love it and it is a bedside table. 
It is out in the middle of the room because the room is a funny shape and there is no corner to put the bed into.  If I have the bed sticking out into the room my son will just keep losing the duvet off one or other sides of the bed and I will have to keep going in and putting it back on in the middle of the night.  Not a scenario I enjoy.  So this is the arrangement at the moment.  He likes to make a den behind there anyway and put his tent there and lots of blankets - it is very cute.